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Illustration Friday 02: Choose

No he podido evitar el juego de palabras entre la palabra Choose y Cheese, no se si solo tiene gracia en mi cabeza pero es lo primero que se me ha ocurrido y ya voy tarde para el Friday de esta semana. ;-)

Can´t avoid to make this litle words-joke between choose and cheese, I don´t know if only makes laught in my mind but it was the first idea that i was have, and it´s too late for the "Friday" of this week, :-)

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Anónimo dijo...

I really like the roughness of the border. An odd thing to pick on, perhaps, but I think it's attractive. Is that scanned in or with a digital brush?

Tobio dijo...

The original one, was on a plain paper and it was made with a Pentel Brush, after this i was scaned it and create the colour, finally i was use the "sharpen" filter to create a litle white glow across all the lines... :-)

Aurora dijo...

que CHula esta del CHeese y el CHoose!
Me encanta el mantel, el clásico de cuadritos es el mejor, y, el nuevo avatar me gusta mucho también.

Pensaré lo que me has dicho de las texturas, es muy sencillo, casi una chorrada, ya verás.

un bico!

Germantxu dijo...

Quite a simple joke but it makes you smile, indeed.

It's nice to check you're impoving your english so fast you already dare to make anglo jokes.

Seeing your avatat pic I'd continue the joke this way: "to choose a cheese just chase the white rabbit"

Elemntoooo, que eres un elementooo...

Anónimo dijo...